13 Stories

Elysabeth Williams and Jordan Drew began 13 Stories 'Til Halloween in 2011 as a way to prep for NaNoWriMo. The first year, they wrote a story every day and posted it at midnight. Since then 13 Stories has grown to an incredible list of poets, storytellers, authors, and friends who have graciously agreed to share their stories, and help Jordan and Beth countdown to Halloween.


Elysabeth Williams is an author and writer of romance, paranormal, steampunk, fantasy and probably more things later if the mood strikes her. She enjoys coffee, dancing to embarrass her kids, and being snarky online. She lives with her family in Georgia.

For more information about Elysabeth and available books, visit her website at www.elysabethwilliams.com – follow her on Twitter @ElysabethW or stalk her on Facebook


Jordan Drew can be blamed for the story covers (unless otherwise noted), banners, and videos for 13 Stories ‘Til Halloween. She is a storyteller and spinner of urban legends, the paranormal, and gothic lit. She’s a Philosophy nerd, coffee freak, Shakespeare nut, wife to NerdBoy, mama to three awesome kiddos, and a Yorkie named The Jabberwock. She is also completely committed to her caffeine addiction.

Her short story “Infected” can be found on Amazon.com in Dark Eclipse #7 and also in The Best of Dark Eclipse. Her website is over at www.jordandrew.wordpress.com and she can sometimes be found slinging virtual coffee over on twitter @JordanDrew and occasionally over on her hardly ever updated facebook stalker page.